Savunma Sanayii




Defense Industry

Kaydırmaz Boya


Antirutsch Beschichtung


Antiskid Coating

ESD İletken Boya


ESD Leitfähige Beschichting


ESD Conductive Coating

Direk Boyası




Corrosion Coating

Fırınlama Boyası




Stoving Coating

Operating successfully for many years in the Swiss Market, our firm has taken distributorship of a brand which successfully established itself for over 80 years in Switzerland's military services, electricity, metal as well as automative sector with its quality and experience in primarily producing specifically normed colours for Switzerland's as well as the European Union's military ground, sky and sea vehicles.


We are proud to present you, dear valuable customers, these products, based on many years of experience, which are being produced with high quality standards in Switzerland.


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